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Our Orlando Miami transportation offers two different services for your convenience when traveling from the city of Orlando to Miami, Miami downtown, Miami airport or even to the Port of Miami.

The Orlando Miami transportation services available

Daily shared transportation

Our daily shared transportation from Orlando to Miami is the most economical way to get to Miami, Miami airport or Miami Downtown.

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Private transportation

The most flexible way to travel and getting to Miami airport or any where in Miami. It’s like having your own Chauffeur at your own time.

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Florida routes, time and mileage by ground transportation from Orlando to Miami

There are three different ways or routes to travel using our Orlando Miami transportation service and of course, these same routes can be used when traveling from Miami to Orlando as well. Below, you’ll see all the routes:

i95 route to travel orlando miamiI-95: When traveling and using our transportation service from Orlando to miami, the I-95 is one of the most common routes transportation providers take. it passes through different cities like: Cocoa Beach (also Port Canaveral), Melbourne, Port St. Lucie, Vero Beach, West Palm Beach, Stuart, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Miami beach or South Beach.

florida turnpike route orlando miamiFlorida Turnpike: This route is by far the fastest route when traveling and using our shuttle Orlando to Miami. Of course, a very expensive toll has to be paid. You will pass through different cities but not as many as the I-95 route. Some transportation providers use it depending on the type of transportation service they have that day. In case you want to travel via Private Transportation, you should tell the driver to take you to Miami using this route.

i75 route from orlando miamiI-75: In case you want to travel from Orlando to Miami through the west coast of Florida. This route will take you from Orlando passing through Tampa, Bradenton, Sarasota, Fort Myers, Naples, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. It is the longest route but you will get to know where the most beautiful Florida beaches are located like: Saint Petersburg, Clearwater, Marco Island and many more.

Orlando Miami transportation schedules and mileage

This type of information varies depending on the transportation provider. Although, most of the Florida Transportation providers use similar schedules and routes. Below, you may find the most common schedules when traveling from Orlando to Miami.

Trip from Orlando to Miami Morning schedule:
When using the shuttle service from Orlando to Miami usually, most of the transportation companies depart from Orlando to Miami around 6:00am. Some of them depart one hour later. Also, if you are in the city of Kissimmee, the departure time is a little bit earlier 5:30am.

Trip from Orlando to Miami Afternoon schedule:
The departing time from Orlando is around noon time (12:00pm). Also, as explained above, if you’re in Kissimmee FL, you could get picked up at 11:30am. Kissimmee is very close to Orlando airport, Orlando international drive and of course very close to Disney parks, Universal Studios and many other theme parks.

Trip from Orlando to Miami Evening schedule:
The only daily shared transportation companies doing this schedule are usually big buses. They depart between 5:00pm, 6:00pm or 7:00pm, depending on the provider you use. Unless, you use the Orlando Miami transportation private service. The private transfer from Orlando to Miami is the most flexible transportation service you could get. Its like having your own Chauffeur on your own time.

Orlando to Miami station locations:
Each transportation provider has its own station locations depending on the city you are located.
Orlando station locations: There are two main locations:
– Orlando International Airport hotel – Orlando International drive hotel


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