Best three useful reviews about Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami is a zoological park and garden near Miami also known as Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens. Zoo Miami is an oldest and largest Zoological garden in Florida State. Zoo Miami is the house of nearly 3,000 animals on 750 acres of land. It is held over 100 exhibitions. This one of the best zoo in Florida to take your kids and enjoy the whole day. There are many other activities to do besides learning and observing animals. There are many playgrounds, especially for kids.

Three best reviews about Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami









Zoo Miami comes with the variety of activities, if you are visiting Zoo Miami in the hot season there are many water areas located around the zoo to cool you down during your visit.  Now there are best three useful reviews about Zoo Miami from trip advisor.

Luv2TravelNEGirl says:

To start, this zoo is huge! We always think of zoos as half day adventures but we spent the entire day here from the minute they opened until they closed and still didn’t experience everything they have to offer! They have free and ample parking. If you are a member of another zoo check if they are part of the reciprocal program because we got half off! At the ticket office, they advertise an extra cost for the monorail. We did not do this and glad we didn’t because we read on the map after that it’s free after 430 so we took a run on it at the end of the day for free! It wasn’t too much additional money through either so if you want to utilize it all day at least it’s not a huge expense. Nice way to see the layout of the zoo and if you are incapable of the long walks this may be a good option. I also saw that they have a tram tour too. You can rent a family bike which looked like a fun way to see the zoo but it was pricey so we opted to walk. They have lots of awesome feeding encounters so pay attention to the times on the map cause they are all at different and specific times! They all cost extra too but nothing outrageous. We were bummed we missed the rhino feeding as that is my sons favorite animal. A lot of the exhibits have really cool ways of getting you up close to the animals that you don’t see at other zoos. The only issue is if the animals are tucked away sleeping somewhere or something but nothing you can do about that. The Florida wildlife section had a slide through the otter exhibit and a tunnel through the alligator exhibit! My son loved these ways of exploring! Stinks the alligators weren’t close enough to the tunnel but my son still loved it. A bear was right next to his viewing window so that was neat! They have a water ride that was neat too but costs extra. Stinks they didn’t have a lot of the water features working the day we went through but they gave us a discount because of that. They have bird, tortoise, rhino, giraffe and camel feedings! Plus a petting zoo and camel rides. Carousel costs extra. They have a couple places to eat and the food was just ok, I guess as expected for a zoo. The souvenir refillable cup worked out great for us and was reasonably priced. They do have some shows but we missed them due to the times. I also love that they had lots of playground areas and splash pad areas. So much to do, see and experience here we had a great time!

Cata R says:

Our family loves this Zoo! It is well kept and is always improving. The new Everglades area is beautiful and it allows you to observe the animals in a new and fun way. The zoo is huge so it doesn’t really affect you if there are lots of people and you do a lot of exercise by riding a bike or walking. When the weather is hot, it has several areas where the kids can cool themselves by playing with water. They also let you feed the giraffes and rhinos, in certain hours, by paying an extra fee.

Suries D says:

My entire family (kids aged 4-14) thoroughly enjoyed the Miami Zoo. There are many activities aside from looking at animals. Unfortunately, most of them cost extra. Also for some reason, a lot of the activities are not listed at the ticket booth (which is the only place you can buy them). For example, the tram ride needs to be purchased at the ticket booth entrance but there is no sign listing it, nor do the ticket agents ask if you want to do it. We were fortunate to find this out pretty much at the entrance so it wasn’t such a hassle to go back to purchase the tickets but it was clear on our tram ride that other visitors thought it was free because of this lack of communication. Thus our family of 7 were the only passengers on our tram ride – doesn’t seem like good business for the zoo.
The zoo is large but without hills it’s manageable to walk it, that’s why I personally felt the monorail was a waste of money for us. The tram ride was fine but also not worth the extra money. I think my kids most enjoyed the activities that were not extra – seeing the animals, hanging out at the playgrounds etc. The splash parks were a great way to cool off at the end of our visit and the misters spread throughout the zoo were a great relief as well.

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