Best dance clubs in Miami Florida

Some chases tap into the fun of nightlife more than dancing. Relaxing yourself over to the lights, the swings, and the energy is a total discharge. When you want to have that feeling, look into this directory to find the soundest dance clubs in Miami. World-famous DJs get the peoples moving, and other clients guarantee that there are lots to see along the way. If you desire the full-on SoBe celebrity mode, you’ll have to initiate your way to a place like LIV or Story. Both of these have the likes of Eva Longoria and Justin Bieber in their midst. These are difficult to breach velvet rope-type parts that will not let you walk in if you just walked out of the ocean. Sites like Electric Pickle and Purdy Lounge bring dance club nights to the more laid back hipster crowds of Miami. And if you’re looking for an absolutely unforgettable but completely humble good dance time, there’s nothing truly like Hoy Como Ayer in Little Havana.

Best dance clubs in Miami Florida

Best dance clubs in Miami Florida

Hoy Como Ayer
In Miami, Hoy Como Ayer combines past and present together wonderfully inside its active locale in the heart of Little Havana. Its name changes to “today, as yesterday,” and from the photos of famous singers stuffing the walls to modern Latin tunes vibrating the walls, the idea is at the club’s core. The music’s authenticity and high quality directly stimulate dancing, whether it’s rumba, salsa, cha-cha, or however else your body excites you; and big-name musicians have been known to make shock appearances. In addition, well-mixed mojitos and a brief list of Latin bites turn out the experience.

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Electric Pickle
Electric Pickle started up well over a decade ago, and unlike many of the neighboring places that have grown and departed, this hip joint doesn’t seem to be moving anywhere anytime soon. The Pickle is a dance and music lover’s dream. 300 audiophiles fit well inside its 2 rooms, and drop out over into their back yard, passing for 3 different ambiances on any given evening. The crowd here is always happy, the songs are always on time and you’ll often find acts here that are on the brink of blowing up. This is clearly the type of place to bring your girlfriends out for an evening of dancing, a site to meet new dance companions, a place to forget yourself in the music.

Opened back in 2012, Story is the powerful creation of MMG, the powerhouse behind Miami’s LIV. Just as rich but slightly less crowded than its associate club, Story gives an incredible, over-the-top dramatic night club life with wild laser light shows, pretty dancers in all forms of dress and all the great house music you’ll ever want. With over 60 VIP stands, it’s best to come here and experience the full life, complete with expensive Grey Goose bottles and private tables. While it gets busy, particularly on Saturdays, you won’t have a problem finding some room to go on the dance floor. Make sure to explore all three levels of the club as there’s a different thing on each.

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