Best attractions for kids and adults in Orlando

Welcome to the Beautiful City, the crown jewel of Central Florida, and the unquestioned capital of thematic park splendor. After all, Cinderella built her palace here. That’s got to count for something. Orlando has a host of attractions and liveliness, from Cindy’s manicured mansion on the grounds of the Magic Kingdom to the engaging history and forecasting of the Kennedy Space Center, just an hour’s ride away. And of course, a collection that falls someplace in between.

For animal lovers (and those looking to combine with our state’s unique fauna in particular), a visit to Gatorland will suit the bill perfectly. For theme park activity with a side of movie magic and rides to entertain both kids and adrenaline addicts (not to mention Harry Potter aficionados, who will enjoy the new Hagrid-based roller coaster came in summer 2019), there’s Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

3 Top Orlando’s attraction for families

3 Top Orlando's attraction for families

  1. Universal Citywalk.
  2. Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex
  3. Icon Orlando


The numerous nightclubs, eateries, live entertainment, theaters, and shopping venues established in this 30-acre complex will roll you in and keep you for the whole afternoon and night. Casual and elegant dining enterprises such as Antojitos or Emeril’s (named after renowned chef Emeril Lagasse) are located throughout CityWalk, offering a broad category of choices to suit all different likings. Shop, Eat, drink, sing karaoke, enjoy live music, or catch a world-class show. Come nighttime, and you might choose to dance the night away, find a movie, or hit up the mini-golf course.

Best Attractions & Activities Because With drink option and myriad food, the Hard Rock Live for remarkable shows, and some of the greatest mini-golf in town, CityWalk covers all corners.


The Orlando Eye is the latest can’t miss icon of the I-4 corridor. On a clear day, tourists in its climate-controlled capsules can view clear to Florida’s Atlantic coast. Each one holds up to 15 persons for a 30-minute circuit around the wheel. But you can conquer the crowds. You can reserve a private capsule for special evenings. Romantic ones. Proposals, even. Not that we’re pushing for it. ICON has a Romance Capsule package that includes rose petals, drinks, and private space for you and your special someone to enjoy the journey. A dedicated adviser can help you make any specialized organizations.

Best Attractions & Activities: The whole complex in which the ICON lies is packed with great dining and drinking options, plus demonstrations like Madame Tussauds.

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3 Top Orlando's attraction for families


Roller coasters are undeniably impressive, but let’s face it. In essence, they’re kid’s play compared to original rockets, and that’s specifically what you’ll discover in spades at the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex, just over an hour’s ride from the Orlando theme park. From the unbelievable scientific evolution explained in the oddly artistic Rocket Garden, where you can travel at your speed or hop onto a guided tour, to the human side of space exploration on show at the Astronaut Hall of Fame, featuring the most extensive collection of personal memorabilia anywhere, wonder and science.

Attractions & Activities: Will the wonder of space and the idea of space travel ever be out of fashion? We think not. KSC proves it every day

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