Tips to prevent luggage theft while traveling

Lately there has been not such gratifying news from workers at the major airports around the country, more and more luggage theft has come to be known. Since we know how valuable your belongings are during your travel time we bring to you some important Tips to prevent luggage theft while traveling either locally within the US or out of the country.

luggage safety tips5 Tips to prevent luggage theft while traveling

If you’re checking your bags

1. Leave designer luggage at home. Thieves will target a Louis Vuitton bag before they’ll consider the cheapo suitcases you picked up at a discount store.

2. Don’t take pricey items. You could live without your favorite pair of jeans, but having a family heirloom piece of jewelry or a valuable electronics device stolen would be a significant loss. Also, some travelers swear by hard-sided luggage, which does not have zippers and is much less vulnerable to being slit open with a blade. If you’re worried about the entire suitcase disappearing, consider investing in a luggage-tracking device from such companies as LugLoc or Trakdot.

3. Keep bags with you at all times. Don’t let them out of your sight when you’re checking in to a flight or window-shopping in the airport stores. If you’re on an overnight flight or even if you tend to nap on board, watch out for pilferers going through the overhead bins. Use a bag that has double zippers at all entry points and which you can secure with a combination lock.

4. Don’t ease up at security. When you put your bag through the security X-ray machine, watch it go in and come out. Pick up the luggage right away, and don’t leave it at the end of the conveyor belt while you put on your shoes.

5. Board the plane early. That way you’ll be sure to get space in the overhead compartments. If you are the last to board and the overheads are filled, your bag will be relegated to the dreaded gate check—onto the airplane’s luggage hold right from the jetway. Unless you remember to remove them before the gate check, your valuables will no longer be on board for the duration of the flight.

luggage safety tips while travelingTo sum it all up, it is important that you take precautions with your luggage during travel; because thieves when it comes to stealing they are relentlessly resourceful and very savvy. Know that your baggage is very vulnerable so always be on the look out and plan ahead with these easy Tips to prevent luggage theft while traveling.

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