Three interesting places to visit in Lakeland Florida

Lakeland is a major city of Florida located between Orlando and Tampa. There are many famous and interesting places to explore here. If you are in search of a place where you can relax and enjoy with your family then you must take a trip to this place. Allen Kryger Park, Hollis Garden, Holloway Park, Circle B Bar Reserve, Munn Park Historic Distric, Lake Morton and Banana Lake Park are some of those places where you can have a lot of fun with your family and friends. In this blog you will read about three interesting places to visit in Lakeland, Florida while on a vacation.

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Interesting places to visit in Lakeland

Lake Hollingsworth:

Lake Hollingsworth is a lake that covers the area 350 acres in the center of this city. This lake is ideal place for biking and long walks along the pathway. You can also find many kinds of birds here as well, that make makes it an ideal spot for bird watching. You can also enjoy a romantic sun set with your loved one. Lake Hollingsworth is the most famous place for those who want to start morning walks or running. If you have a dog then you can also take him on a morning walk with you.

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Florida Air Museum:

Florida Air Museum offers colorful hangar displays of vintage and modern Aircrafts. Young boys and girls, who are enthusiastic about planes and Aircrafts, you must take them to this facility. This could be a place of great inspiration for them. You can take photographs with all kinds of places and you can also take some gifts home for those who could not come here this time. This is a museum which offers a large amount of knowledge about planes of all kinds.

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Polk Museum of Art:

Polk Museum of Art in Lakeland, Florida is a private not for a profit art museum which is one of the top art museums in Florida. This museum offers displays of thousands of pieces of art. This could be an ideal place for a visit for those who love Pre Columbian and Contemporary Art. Modern Art, Asian Art, African Art, European Art and Decorative Art are also included in the exhibits. Some new artist and students donates their master pieces to the museums as well. This is a free public place, where you can go and enjoy. Polk Museum of Art could also be an ideal place to visit with your entire family and friends.

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