The best that Miami and Orlando can offer for a perfect vacation

Florida, over the years has become one of the world’s strongest tourist magnets, with sun soaked beaches and crystal springs. And with a little help from a mouse, Walt Disney World continues to lure more visitors than any other single attraction anywhere in the world. A word of caution, “Watch out for alligators.” Once endangered, alligators have made a strong comeback and have become something of a nuisance. Whether it’s a special occasion or an ordinary spring break, Florida gives you the wings to fly in the sky and beaches call you down deep in it. Let us give a short comparison between the two most beautiful cities of Florida and those are also called to be the icon of the present age.

The best that Miami and Orlando can offer

Miami, Florida

Miami is in South Florida, so the climate tends to be more humid. It’s coastal, so there are plenty of beaches. It’s more of a party city, with tons of clubs, bars, restaurants, etc. Many high end hotels and shops are located in Miami and it can be extremely expensive. Very large Latino (Cuban) population, so being able to speak Spanish is definitely a plus. Though destinations often are said to offer something for everyone, the Miami area offers multiple enticements for everyone.

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Orlando, Florida

Orlando is centrally located and in my opinion, tends to get very hot and humid because there’s no ocean to cool the area off. A big source of attraction for many families for vacation and tends to be very touristy. Age factor comes to the same edge while visiting theme parks and also Walt Disney World. But it also beckons with world-class resorts, shopping opportunities for every budget, all-season golf courses, and some of the most enticing dining opportunities on the planet.

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Miami VS Orlando

Miami and Orlando are very, very different. The only thing they have in common is tourism and the fact that they’re located in Florida. Both places have really gorgeous areas. However, as mentioned before they are extremely different from one another and you should visit each before deciding which one you want to move to. Get to know the area, see what it’s like and then make your decision. Orlando is far from the water. The tourists there are from all over the world but tend to be a lot of families. Miami is on the water. It also has tourists from all over the world especially families and children. Orlando has a large population base from conservative areas, like the Midwest. Miami has a large population base of Cubans, New Yorkers, and New Englanders. Orlando has a lower cost of living, housing especially. If you like eating at Ponderosa and shopping at outlet malls, Orlando is for you. If you like good restaurants, exciting night life and a more varied choice of things to do other than to see an amusement park based on a rodent, then go to Miami. Miami is a third world country and Orlando is the South. If you speak Spanish, head to Miami. If you like rednecks, Orlando might be for you. As mentioned above, the major difference that Miami is a Beach place and Orlando is not, anything else is more or less the same.

Since the words are not enough to describe all about any one of the cities. Come and visit Florida to explore more about Miami and Orlando 🙂

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