Six best things to do in Hollywood (FL)

Hollywood may not be as famous as its namesake in California, but that doesn’t mean that you should provide this city a miss in favor of a journey to Los Angeles. The city of Hollywood on Florida’s east coast between Fort Lauderdale and Miami and there is a beautiful beach here that means that this is the perfect destination for those who want to consume some time on the sand. To that end, you will discover a fantastic boardwalk section that seems like it relates to another time, as well as a wealth of beachfront eatery and settlement that will let you make the maximum of the sun and surf in this downtown. The beach is not the single thing that Hollywood has going for it, however, and as you venture into town, you will discover amazing galleries,  cinemas, and parks. If you admire the culture, then you won’t be frustrated by the plenty of exhibitions that center around art here such as public art installations and the ArtWalk that takes place each month. Let’s investigate the best things to do in Hollywood Florida

Six best things to do in Hollywood (FL)Things to do in Hollywood Florida

1. Art and Culture Center of Hollywood

The Art and Culture Center is a must-visit attraction for culture buffs, and you will get a massive range of art related exhibits below one roof. The center has a collection of galleries that highlight rotating exhibitions, and there are also stage performances of plays, dance recitals, and concerts, so make sure to check out what is next when you are in town.

2. Downtown Hollywood Mural Project

The Downtown Hollywood Mural Project is a  must-attend exhibition if you love art and need to see some of the public art locations in Hollywood Florida. The Mural Project is produced up of over a dozen bright murals that cover the walls of public places in the downtown Hollywood area, and if you arrive here as a member of the ArtWalk (held on the third Saturday of every month) then you can really see local artists working on fresh items in a live setting.

3.Hollywood Hot Glass

Several visitors to Hollywood may not understand that this city is the place of a long and famous glass blowing tradition which has been practiced here for ages. As such, if you hit the Arts Park in the downtown area of Hollywood, you will get to view live demonstrations of how to blow glass, and you can observe objects such as sculptures, bowls, and bottles take form in front of your eyes. As well as the Hollywood Hot Glass Studio, there is also a near gallery where you can buy some beautiful pieces of hand-blown glass yourself as the ideal souvenir of your journey here. You can also even get a glass blowing class here if you reserve in advance.

4.Hollywood Beach

Hollywood Beach lies between Fort Lauderdale and Miami and is the jewel in the crown of the city of Hollywood. The beach is covered in natural sand and flanked by turquoise waters, and you can engage in an entire host of exciting water games here or soak up the Florida sun and rest while reading a book. As well as the beach itself, there are including an array of exciting attractions nearby such as restaurants, cafes, and shops, so you surely won’t be bored with so much on offer.

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Six best things to do in Hollywood (FL)

5.Hollywood Broadwalk

The Hollywood Broadwalk is declared to be one of the best beach boardwalks in the whole United States and has got awards for being one of the premium areas to visit when you are in town. With that in the brain, make sure that you don’t avoid the opportunity to check it out in person. The boardwalk extends for over 2 miles and is nestled near to the beach so that you get beautiful views over the water as you walk along it. The boardwalk has a variety of seaside cafes as well as homes to rent equipment for jet skiing and other water games, and there is an old-world interest here that harks back to a separate era of seaside living.

6.Hollywood Bike Shack

When you approach Hollywood Beach, one of the best means to enjoy the spectacle is to jump on a bike and use the day cycling around. With that in mind, you want to head to the Hollywood Bike Shack where you can hire a variety of bikes from single bicycles to three-wheelers or surrey bikes. On the surrey bikes can seat up to six travelers, so this is the ideal option if you are touring in a gathering or with a family, and you can also rent beach chairs and cabanas which make the perfect place to relax after an energetic afternoon of cycling.

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