Popular Roller Coaster Rides at Universal Studios Orlando

Hold on tight! And be amazed at the popular roller coaster rides At Universal Orlando Resort. You’ll discover gravity-defying adventure rides from high rate roller coasters to unique water trips that hurtle you beyond your imagination. Prepared for the ultimate excitement experience unlike anything else you’ve experienced before. Get to know more by visiting Florida.

Top Roller Coaster Rides at Universal Studios in Orlando

Universal’s Islands of Experience showcases a number of destinations ensured to get your pulse high and your adrenaline going. So enjoy the ride. I mean, roller coaster rides by reading and imagining what will be your next vacation at Universal Studios Orlando.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Sign up with Harry Potter and also his pals in an unforgettable journey on this groundbreaking trip inside the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, coming face-to-face with magical creatures! You’ll be making your way through the unfamiliar familiar classrooms and corridors of Hogwarts™ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This amazing attraction uses a full variety of technology (and a little bit of magic) to create a unique and unforgettable experience.

The Incredible Hunk Coaster

This unreal, yes we have to call it like this because it launches you from zero to 40 mph (yes 40 miles per hour) in only 2 seconds. Can you believe this?, in only 2 seconds WOW! The force equal to that of a jet taking off an aircraft carrier. The globe turns upside up upside down as you feel and experience a weightless “zero g” roll. Nevertheless, you still alive. Then, you will definitely feel the power as you pick up speed and a strong and frightening sound fills your ears. All you can do, is hang on and experience the ride.

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Dragon Challenge

One of a kind ride. The Marvel at the blazing Goblet of Fire™ and the shining Triwizard Cup as you and your courage, take on the Dragon Challenge™. There are 2 rides, you will have to choose your dragon: an aggressive and frighten Chinese Fireball or a ferocious and bulky Hungarian Horntail. So, you will need to climb on any of them and hold on tight as the two dragons twist and loop in a intertwining roller coaster chase across the sky. It is an experience that you must live to tell.

Doctor Doom’s Fearfall 

With alarming Doombots looking at everything you do, every move, every step, you’re strapped right into your seat. The tension starts rising. Unexpectedly the countdown gets to zero as well as you are soared skyward, 185 feet into the air, then hurled back down quicker and much faster than the force of gravity itself. This is unbelievable! Physician Doom’s wicked device has done the job because it collects your fear and sends you on your way, ready to take on his following victim.

Revenge of the Mummy

Your only hope is to escape the Revenge of the Mummy, a roller coaster unlike anything that’s come just before it. You’ll plunge in overall darkness, plagued on all sides by massive fireballs, flocks of scarab beetles as well as an army of soldier and yes they are mummies. So, if you want to experience one of the best roller coaster rides at Universal Studios Orlando, you must come to the city beautiful, get a shuttle from the Orlando airport to your hotel, get ready and go to Universal.

Video of the Roller Coaster Rides at Universal

Enjoy the roller coaster rides and have fun in your next Orlando vacations.

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