Read five different reviews about Morikami Museum of Boca Raton
If you are in Florida and you are looking for something different to explore then Morikami Museum will be the right choice for you. Bonsai Garden, Japanese lifestyle, fish ponds and waterfall are some of the main attraction here. This place is of great historical and cultural significance. You can learn a great deal of things from this place. In this blog you will read five different reviews about Morikami Museum of Boca Raton, Florida.

Different reviews about Morikami Museum

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HVoyages from Miami, Florida says:
A tranquil retreat from the world. They have a beautiful lake surrounded by several different gardens. Make sure to check out the bonsai trees. I wasn’t aware they could be crafted from so many different tree varieties. The Teahouse is also lovely and its quiet simplicity transports you to Japan. If your visit inspires you to learn more about life in Japan visit the museum’s other exhibits and research library.
Gheefrenchie from Beaufort, Australia says:
Driving up Jog road from Delray Beach we stoped at the museum in reality it was a old museum since they build a new one situated not to far from the old one . The museum by itself has interesting paints, pictures, and vending machines. A old wagon train Japanese, a tea Japanese tasting certain day of the week . But the Garden is for me the number one attraction the lake, the rivers, the bonsai, the ornamental Japanese garden.
Dominic A says:
No words can express the beauty of this museum. It is impossible to be distracted by the worries of the outside world once you have entered the walls of Morikami. There is an abundance of gorgeous art, stunning landscapes and local history. Its easy to believe you might have accidently woken up in japan walking through the grounds.
Sheryl S says:
If you want to unwind and find some inner peace, Morikami is the place to go. From the Bamboo forest, to the lovely bridges and waterfalls, everywhere you look there is beauty and serenity in your path. It’s a very easy path to maneuver. There is also a pavilion where you can learn about the history of the gardens, that is very interesting. Look out for some gators, and turtles and iguana.
revcruxcorvus from Wisconsin says:
My life long friend and I had such a wonderful experience here. The garden itself is less “perfect” and slightly more natural than other Japanese gardens I have seen but great nonetheless. I was excited to see several large iguanas an a lot of other wildlife. We met some wonderful people everywhere we went.
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