Read about the 3 famous places to visit in Miami while on a vacation

Miami is a beautiful city situated in the sunshine state Florida. It is very famous city not only in Florida but all over the world. Millions of visitors come here to spend their holidays from around the globe. This city is loaded with the tourist’s entire year. People of all ages come here because this city has something for everyone. There are the beaches of the country in this city. There are many parks, museums and lots of things to see in Miami. But in this article you will get to know about the 3 famous places to visit in Miami for a perfect holiday.

Places to visit in Miami during vacation

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Jungle Island

Jungle Island is an amazing interactive zoo in Miami; an attractive city in the beautiful state of Florida. Previously it was known as the Parrot Jungle but the name of this zoo was changed because there are many other animals as well.   Jungle Island contains is the house for animals brought from the different countries of the world.  Jungle Island is the most visited place in Miami. The interactive shows take place here every day that are the main attraction of the park. It is a best place to visit in Miami for a perfect holiday.

Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium is known as the oldest aquarium in the whole United States. It is situated on the Island of the Virginia Key and it covers 38-acres of land. There are many sea animals here like fishes, sharks, ocean turtles, flying animals, reptiles, and manatees. More than 5000,000 individuals visit this place annually. The main attraction of this oeanarium is Lolita; a hostage Ocra. Lolita is very talented and is the only ocra in the park. Through this water experience you can explore more about the creatures of sea. It is a very well-known place to visit in Miami for a perfect holiday.

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is located just to the south side of downtown Miami.  If you want to get away for some time from the anxiety of the city life then you can go there. There are many art museums, galleries, shopping places and also an exciting nightlife. The Miami science museum is also in this area. Cocowalk is an open air shopping mall that would be the best place to explore if you want to do some shopping. It is one of the 3 famous places to visit in Miami to make your holiday perfect and remember able.

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