Orlando TO Fort Lauderdale Transportation

With our services traveling from Orlando TO Fort Lauderdale is just a one call away. We understand your needs better and always strive for excellence in our services for our valued customers. Proving best solutions to your problem of traveling anywhere in Florida. Travel with us from Orlando TO Fort Lauderdale covering all the major cities through West Coast and East Coast.

Orlando Fort Lauderdale transportation availability

Click on: shared transportation from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale
Travel with us from Orlando TO Fort Lauderdale daily on our shared transportation. You may travel with ease to all the major cities on West and East Coast at an affordable fare.



Click on: Private transfers from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale

With our private shuttle, you may have a liberty to select your desired time of pick up, pick up and drop off location as well. It is a door to door service at any time anywhere. Travel from Orlando TO Fort Lauderdale through I-95 and/or I-75 without any stop on the way. Travel with your family and/or group hassle free with most comfort at an affordable fare.

Florida routes, time and mileage by ground transportation from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale

There are two different ways or methods of travel using our transportation service Orlando Fort Lauderdale and of course, these routes itself can be used while traveling from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale as well.  See below all the possible best ways:

I-95: While you travel and use our transportation service from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale, the I-95 is one of the most commonly used tracks by all transportation providers. Though it would be a long way ride going all the way through West and/or East Coast passing by all the major cities to Fort Lauderdale, yet would be a less expensive free of tolls.


Florida Turnpike: This track is by far the fastest way while traveling from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale through East Coast with our shuttle service. While traveling from this route you will pass a little part of it and then will turn to track 192 which is a straight shot and quickest way to Melbourne. Also, from Melbourne it again follows the I-95 to Fort Lauderdale. In fact, very expensive tolls must have to be paid through the Turnpike. This would be more likely used by those like to travel in a private transportation for a quick ride to their destination if they have at Melbourne.

Orlando Fort Lauderdale transportation schedules and mileage

This type of information varies according to the transportation service provider. Although, most of Florida Transportation providers uses similar methods. But it all depends on the specified routes mostly Transportation service provider use according to their travel plan. Below, you may find the most commonly used travel plans from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale.

Orlando to Fort Lauderdale travel plan:

Our shuttle departs at around (06:00 AM) from Orlando on its way to Fort Lauderdale. Also, there would be another departure as well at around (12:00 PM) if you’re in Kissimmee which is very close to Orlando Airport at Orlando International Dr. Coming that way, you would come across to Disney parks, Universal Studio and other theme parks as well.

Orlando to Fort Lauderdale station locations:

Like every transportation provider we also have our own main station locations according to the city you are located.

Orlando pick up station locations:

Following are two main pick up locations:

— Orlando airport (WAWA Gas Station) and/or Hawaiian Ct, Orlando (Behind McDonalds) —

Fort Lauderdale drop off station locations:

Following are two different drop off main location:

— Fort Lauderdale Int. Airport and/or Hollywood, FL (Denny’s Restaurant) —

You can get in contact with the Orlando to Fort Lauderdale transportation company here.

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