Get to know about best things to do in Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral, Florida, is best identified for the dozens of cruise ships that pier at its port daily, carrying tourists to destinations around the U.S. and Caribbean. While near Orlando, gives more touristy activities, Port Canaveral does have a few famous attractions, including wide beaches and the Kennedy Space Center. Add some hours or an extra day in Port Canaveral before or after a cruise, particularly if the warm climate urges you outdoors. Here are the best things to do in  Port Canaveral Florida.

Best things to do in Port Canaveral Florida

Get to know about best things to do in Port Canaveral


Exploration Tower

The newly developed Exploration Tower is an architectural milestone with seven stories of interactive play and exhibits, including observation decks, a gift shop and a cafe. Each story features a topic associated with the local region, such as working as exploring space from the nearby Kennedy Space Center or a Port Canaveral dock pilot. Buy tickets in advance to watch a rocket launch from one of the outdoor view levels.  Visit with kids to learn more about Port Canaveral. The tower is open every day.

Kennedy Space Center

Drive to Cape Canaveral to explore the famous Kennedy Space Center, where many rockets have launched into space. Guests can visit the center or meet a genuine space traveler in an Astronaut Encounter. There are many presentations, as well as an IMAX theater with two 3-D displays per day. Add attraction to the venture, like an Astronaut Coaching Experience or a live-action game called Cosmic Quest. The center opens daily at 9 a.m. Parking is reasonable in the nearby lots for a daily fee, starting 30 minutes before the Visitor Complex opens its doors.

Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

Trips of the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse and other places at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station will be carried on weekend days, departing at 8:30 a.m. from Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral. In extension to the lighthouse, the 3-hour trips cover Air Force Space, Missile History Center and two historic launch complexes. The tour also covers admission to Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral. Tickets are $27 per person. Minimum age is 12 years old. No open toe shoes permitted in the lighthouse. You can take Cameras. Must take a photo ID when checking in.

Jetty Park Beach and Pier

Jetty Park extends across 35 acres, features a beach, playground area for children, and fishing dock, providing families a great spot to settle the day. You can hire umbrellas and beach chairs from the local merchants, or take a kayak, boogie board or paddleboard to hit the waves. There are two grants locations – the Beach Pavilion Store and Fishlips – that are open daily. Grab a flagpole and some equipment, and head out to the pier, which stretches 1,200 feet over the water. Visitors don’t want a license for fishing on the pier but must get a free license for fishing from the jetty. Bait can get from the Bait Shop. Jetty Park is open daily, and tourist need to pays an entry fee per car or RV upon entry.

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