Get to know about best beaches in Miami Florida

If your ideal vacation day holds soaking up the sun, swimming in the ocean, or playing in the sand, then our Miami is the best places to work on your plan, take a dip, have a picnic, collect seashells, jump on a jet ski or also do a little fishing. While most tourists think of South Beach when they think about Miami’s beaches, they don’t understand that it’s a costly area that changes nature every few blocks. What most peoples are usually thinking is the extent of land identified as Lummus Park Beach. Placed right on the famous Ocean Drive, and filled with palm trees and Art Deco raisings, Lummus Park is the must-go-to place for visitors. For a more friend and family beach outing, there are beaches like Virginia Key Beach and Crandon Park Beach. Both of these are established on Key Biscayne. Crandon highlights an open-air skating rink, an educational visitor’s center, and both beaches have their old carousels.

Best friends and family beaches in Miami Florida

Best friends and family beaches in Miami Florida

Hobie Beach
Hobie Beach is also identified as Windsurfer Beach, Hobie is the point to go for windsurfing in Miami. A local windsurf concession gantry runs right by the water here, and have done so for past two decades now, with a solid reputation for excellent stuff and fair rates.

Virginia Key Beach
The Virginia Key Beach was formerly known as the only beach in Miami that could be utilized by African-Americans. Today, it is merely one of many lovely extents of sand and surf ready for picnics and swimming by all tourists and locals alike. A small train was created years ago to bring visitants around the area, and an old Allan Herschel carousel remains on site.

Haulover Beach Park
Haulover Beach Park is known for its vast expanses and small parties, Haulover Beach gives free parking and unlimited recreation activities. With landlubber sports, including golf and tennis, water activities such as swimming and surfing, and enjoyable extras like flying workshops and kite-building, fishing coves and hiking trails, Haulover have something for everyone.

Isles Beach
Natural, white-sand beaches aside from the anarchy of other Miami-based beaches and a charming pier are all located at Sunny Isle Beach. With fewer visitors and clear waters, Sunny Isles Beach is ideal for a day of sunbathing, snorkeling, diving, and more. It’s a magnificent place to spend a day or a weekend at, with lots of cafes, restaurants, and other eateries, including the Newport Beach Bar, placed right on the pier, which gives everything from sushi and sandwiches to scallops and steak.

Crandon Park
This two-mile range of beach is a great stop; its clear water shielded by the marine sandbar and many lifeguards always on duty. The park keeps walking trails, cookout and picnic areas, and concessions. The Visitants’ and Nature Center holds a gift shop and hosts numerous nature tours and programs.

Lummus Park Beach
Because South Beach is such a comprehensive description, and the various beaches here go on for miles. Lummus Park, the area of the beach placed by Ocean Drive from 5th to 15th Street. It is the piece of land that is forever the most crowded, which makes for beautiful people watching. There is a mini-park before the entry to the beach for kids ages two to 5; however, the kids will usually enjoy playing in the water all day.

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