Five helpful reviews about the Palm Beach Zoo

Beautiful state of Florida offers countless places to explore here for all the visitors. Florida is a secret treasure for all those who love to enjoy the beauty of nature. It is basically divided into East Coast and the West Coast. On the East Coast there is West Palm Beach which is one of the wealthiest cities and a luxurious place to live in. There are many place here which are considered ideal for tourists and travelers all around the glob. In this blog you will read five helpful reviews about the Palm Beach Zoo, Florida.

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Reviews about the Palm Beach Zoo

Barbara B from Virginia says:
My husband and I were very impressed by this zoo. We are not zoo connoisseurs by any means but did not expect all this zoo had to offer in the middle of Palm Beach. I loved the variety of birds. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly. We enjoyed the educational lesson at the Butterfly Farm. The animals homes were well maintained and the overall park was clean. This is very nice activity with or without children.
Chris P from West Palm Beach says:
Took children and guests there several times. Its not large so you can view the grounds within 2 hours max. Highlight of our visit were the free roaming peacocks that loved to pose for the camera.
Tiffany S says:
We live approx. 35-40 minutes from this zoo and visit at least twice a year. This zoo is perfect for families with small children as it is on the small side, is easy to navigate in, and also stroller friendly. What I love most, second only to the animals, is how shaded many of the places are in the zoo. There is generous foliage covering most of the animal areas keeping it much cooler than one would expect.
kathleensI7876EU from Marlton says:
My daughter, mother, and I went to this zoo on vacation. It is now my favorite zoo. The animals all looked healthy and well taken care of. They have a wide variety of animals. The people working at the zoo were all so friendly and informative. They all were happy to answer questions about the animals. We did the Sloth Encounter and loved it!
chey1026 from Cleveland, Georgia says:
My wife and I enjoy any experience that contains an animal. We find ourselves visiting zoos, aquariums, safaris, etc. anytime that we are on vacation. During a recent trip to West Palm Beach, Florida, we ran across the Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society and decided to visit…
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