Five best reviews about Palm Beach Zoo, Florida

West Palm Beach is also known as the city of riches. It is also called the land of Billionaires and the Hollywood Super Stars. There are numerous places here worth visiting. Miami and Lauderdale are very close to this city. If you are in Lauderdale or Miami for a vacation then you must visit this city as well. It is one of a kind city in the whole world. Palm Beach Zoo located in West Pam Beach, Florida is an ideal location for a family visit. In this blog you will read five best reviews about Palm Beach Zoo, Florida.

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Best reviews about Palm Beach Zoo

Elizabeth Cooper says:

A stroll through the Palm Beach Zoo is lovely with so much shade. The animals are very close, the Zoo keepers are friendly and knowledgeable, and there is a large splash fountain to cool off by on a hot summer day.We also look forward to the fall. Palm Beach Zoo has trick-or-treating, which is so much fun at the zoo. We always have a good time here.
Alison Bailey says:
Went and visited for a surprise trip, definitely worth it! Although Palm Beach Zoo was still recuperating from hurricane Irma with some exhibits closed off, there were still plenty of animals to see. The keepers talks were very informative and the keepers loved to answer questions. Even though the food would seem expensive, one order of chicken tenders and an order of fries would have been plenty to split between two adults.Not my first trip to Palm Beach Zoo, nor will it be my last.
gohappypanda1 says:
Beautiful and clean zoo, where it feels more like a nature walk and the animals were a plus. The entire park is mostly shaded by their trees so you don’t suffer through heat and blaring sun. We were there at noon when it should be the hottest time of day but we were cooled the entire time. The exhibits were easy to find.
 Lindsay Lithgow says:
This zoo was amazing! Such a serene environment and very clean compared to other zoos I’ve been to. It feels like an escape and it’s own little paradise. Lots of shade as well which was needed on the hot day. Worth every penny!! Wish we lived closer because I would absolutely go again.
The Millimeter To My Lens says:
I love the fact that all the money spent in zoo stays in the Zoo… That $10 lunch just helped the Zoo!! That $20 stuffed animal just helped the Zoo!! So when you are looking at the prices remember anything you buy is helping the Zoo!! Me and my son love this Zoo!! You can’t beat the price! Its so worth it to see all the beautiful animals they have..


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