Five best reviews about Children’s theme park Legoland in Florida

Legoland is an ideal theme parks for kids from age of 5 to 12. It is an animated theme parks for kids and the best places for kids to learn so many new things. Those kids who cannot go to Universal Orlando or some other theme park or rides, then they can go to Legoland, Florida. You can send your children here and you can enjoy at any other place. If you are in Orlando and you are looking for a dependable ground transportation company then you can choose Florida Shuttle Transportation for best services. In this blog you will read five best reviews about Children’s theme park Legoland in Florida.

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Reviews about Children’s theme park Legoland

Ashley Valenstein says:

Enjoyed a day here today! I brought my 5 year old and 10 month old. While I was worried about them being too hot, there was so many places to cool down and tons of water fountains around! I was so glad that my daughter could enjoy so many rides, there was so much for her to enjoy. My 10 month old had a blast too!

Sarah C says:

My family and I had a great time and I am so happy that we purchased an annual pass. My son is preschool age, but tall, and most of the attractions were great for him. It was incredibly hot (hello Florida) so I was really thankful for the indoor things to do (Imagination center was our favorite.) Having an infant too, I was amazed at the baby care center.

Melissa Sanchez says:

We visited Lego Land about a week ago and we had a great time. I have a 3 year old that is 42 inches and he was able to ride almost every single ride. The park was pretty empty and with the Groupon special they were running. We got the tickets pretty cheap. I’m not sure if I would go if it were 100.00 each ticket but for the price we got it for. It was perfect. He had a great time and so did we.

Tracey G. Rosenblatt says:

Lot’s of great things to see and do. Fantastic customer service, the staff in the park and the hotel are super friendly and accommodating. The Bricks Family Restaurant is super clean and the choice and taste of food is fabulous, very more-ish. The staff at the restaurant are fantastic too.

Michele Dramko says:

First time to Legoland celebrating my husband’s birthday and had a wonderful time. The park is more for young children. We have an autistic daughter who really loved the park and the rides. The shows were delightful and walking around Cypress Gardens after lunch was very peaceful. Loved seeing the 80 year old Banyan tree. Would highly recommend going back.

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