Best places to visit in Palm Bay and Melbourne during a family vacation

It is a fact that whole Florida is flooded with beaches and nature to let its visitors explore what they needed to have it on vacation. However, aside from beaches; there are many other things you might don’t know that are worth seeing. Just like Orlando and Miami, many other cities offer something unique to the tourists and visitors coming from all over the world. The city of Palm Bay is known for its breathtaking outdoor landscape and openly charming surrounds. Located just about an hour and a half drive from Orlando, Palm Bay has astonishing real hallmarks for you to reveal. On the other hand, the city of Melbourne has an extensive description of plants and different other pursuits to fill each holiday with fun stuff to do. Melbourne is a city full of unique shopping, dining, museums, and eco-tours. In this article, you will get to know about the best places to visit in Melbourne and Palm Bay during a family vacation.

Places to visit in Palm Bay and Melbourne

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Indian River:

Indian River located in Palm Bay, Florida is a very cool place to vacation, party and take in the sights and sounds. It is excellent for fishing kayaking, fishing, boating, and many other fun activities. Here you can see incredible marine life like dolphins, manatees, and fish of all kinds. It’s not bad for pleasure boaters, but again, you have to know where you’re going. The murky water makes navigation difficult at times, especially at night, so be sure to watch out for shallow spots, underwater structure.

Turkey Creek Sanctuary:

If you love nature and beauty, then Turkey Creek Sanctuary is the right place for you to visit. Turkey Creek is a great park and the right place to chill, walk and kill a few hours. Also has a running trail if that is more your speed. There are many kinds of activities for everybody. They also have a little building full of learning for kids. If you homeschool or want to introduce wildlife to your kids, this is a neat little spot to do so.

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Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge:

The Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge is one of the very different strips of coast in the U.S. The beach is sparsely peopled, even on weekends. You can walk for miles, and the weather is superb. Excellent place to visit when in the area. Lots of information, great hands-on for kids, and a classroom for crafts as well. Plus a beautiful beach right out behind it. If you wish to learn something about turtles then is the place where you can go and learn many new things.

Andretti Thrill Park:

Andretti thrill park is one of the most visited play places in Melbourne, FL. With its name, you can get thrilled and can’t resist yourself being a part of the game. Racers cross over the European-style driveway, thrashing through red-and-black lines as they move in and out of the corners and straightaways. The Andretti Challenge is one of five go-kart courses within the six-acre Andretti Thrill Park. The park’s demonstrations traverse entertainments for almost every age. The park also includes fun other than race, such as the Andretti Edge climbing wall, tokenless, card-based arcade, and mini bowling.

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