Best fun things to do in Kissimmee on vacation

Kissimmee is a city in central Osceola County of Florida, just south of Orlando. It defined by its closeness to the region’s multitude of amusement parks, including the vast Walt Disney World Resort complex. Kissimmee is next door to the breathtaking attractions and theme parks of Orlando, FL and has many offerings of its own. Thrill-seekers can go on helicopter rides,  zip-line, jet ski, fly warplanes, and speed across the water in airboats. Conservation enthusiasts will enjoy kayaking or Gatorland on Lake Toho or Shingle Creek to view gators in the wild. There are many human histories in the region, and it can explore in a kind of museums, a pioneer village, or on cultural trips. Here are four best fun things to do in Kissimmee.

Best fun things to do in Kissimmee in vacation

Best four things to do in Kissimmee

Museum of military history

The Museum of Military History gives praise to those who have assisted the United States in warfare; its prime objective is to help guests understand what it was like to be in the armed forces in times of battle. It covers World Wars I and II, the American Civil War, the Vietnam and Korean wars, and the fighting in the Gulf, Iraq, and Afghanistan. It has exhibits of military artifacts, including uniforms, weapons, and transports as well as many photographs and written and oral accounts of time spent abroad serving the country. The museum is the latest venture that opened in 2012 and is still improving; its displays are increasing as people donate funds and artifacts to the museum.

Boggy Creek airboat rides

Boggy Creek Airboat Rides in Kissimmee, Florida, takes guests into the cypress-filled wetlands and swamps that point the headwaters of the Everglades. On seventeen-passenger U.S. Coast Guard approved airboats, the excursions provide riders a scene of local Florida alligators, turtles,  and an astonishing diversity of bird life. Boggy Creek Airboat Rides delivers half-hour and hour-long day tours, sunset trips, and 45-minute long nighttime voyages that guarantee alligator sightings. At their boat launch on Southport Road, guests may eat at the new BBQ establishment, have a close-up view at reptiles in the gator enclosure, and walk through an informative Native American village that describes how early Americans hunted, cooked, and lived.

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Best fun things to do in Kissimmee on vacation







Monument of States, Kissimmee, Florida

In Kissimmee’s Lakefront Park stands an unusual memorial known as the Monument of States. After the raid on Pearl Harbor in World War II, local doctor Charles Bressler-Pettis decided that space needed a symbol of American Unity. He wrote to the ruler of every state (there were only 48 states at the time), asking them to send local rocks to him. When he got the rocks, he made a tower, setting the stones into garish concrete slabs and labeled each stone with its origins – which state it was from and who had sent it. Over the years, period took its toll on the monument, but it was repainted and revitalized in 2001 by district business owners, and it is indeed worth a journey to Lakefront Park to see this curious cairn.

Osceola Arts, Kissimmee, Florida

Osceola Arts are Central Florida’s thriving arts center, giving area residents the opportunity to participate in and see the artistic talents of the local community. There are two theaters in the Osceola Arts building, a larger one where Central Florida artists put on Broadway-style shows and a shorter studio theater where smart and often avant-garde dramas are acted. There are acting classes for teenagers and adults in association with the theater.

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