Best free places to visit in Miami Florida

Living in or merely visiting Miami Fl can get much expensive pretty quick. While the city is beautiful and there is continually something to do, many of these ventures come with a heavy price tag. Sure, luxury hotels, elegant dining, and 24/7 parties are great, but sometimes we must budget ourselves. Fortunately, there are still lots of totally free things to do in Miami. Some of these are favorite activities, like consuming a day on world-famous South Beach. Considering a day on the beach can also require some budget-friendly activities, like having a picnic, riding bikes, swimming, jogging, or even building sandcastles. Miami also has a vast chain of libraries at which visitants can go and write, read, and learn. Free programming at the libraries holds story times for kids, book clubs, and unique cultural programming.

Three best free places to visit in Miami Florida

Three best free places to visit in Miami Florida

Bayfront Park

The 30 acres of green space, Bayfront Park hold an amphitheater that has entertained a variety of performances, from Rob Zombie to Elton John. The park highlights several memorials, including one to the team of the Challenger space shuttle. It’s also a magnificent place for a walk or a picnic, so don’t forget to take your camera for the excellent views of Port of Miami and the Biscayne Bay. Bayfront Park also entertains free yoga sessions on Monday and Wednesday nights, as well as on Saturday mornings. Members are urged to bring their own rugs and water. Bayfront is also holding The Flying Trapeze School.


HistoryMiami doesn’t appear like the name of a historical museum, which is precisely what board members had in mind. The less-bulky name meant a new way for what was earlier called the Historical Museum of Southern Florida. Today, the museum, which worked as a historical association in 1940 (Marjory Stoneman Douglas and George Merrick were members) continues to allow the exhibits that were formed throughout the earlier decades, along with new ones. Now aa Smithsonian Institution Affiliate, the building has a newfound capacity to launch its findings and discoveries, as well as borrow and lend traveling exhibits. Also, the famed Miami Circle site has been included as part of the museum.

Lummus Park Beach

Because the South Beach has an extensive description, and because the different beaches here go on for miles, we guessed we’d narrow it down. Lummus Park, the area of the beach placed along Ocean Drive from 5th to 15th Street. This is the layer of sand that is continuously the most crowded, which offers the excellent people watching. There is a small playground before the entry to the beach for children ages 2 to 5, but they may be a peaceful movement on the shore. With fluorescent tans and Brazilian bikinis as far as the eye can catch, adults will be expected to tire their necks from turning around taking a double take at exciting locals. Once you’ve covered up all of the suns you can adapt into one day, the layer of restaurants and bars facing Ocean Drive are close at hand.

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