An all time famous trip from Miami to Orlando

There are many wonderful places to visit on a regular trip from Miami to Orlando. If you are only traveling from Miami to Orlando and you do not wish to stop at any other place then you can choose Florida Shuttle Transportation as a reliable source of ground transportation. In this blog you will read about an all-time famous trip from Miami to Orlando in Florida.

From Miami to Orlando

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One of the most vibrant cities in USA, Miami is best known for its Latin culture and sizzling night life. Located on the south eastern coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Miami is also managing the world’s largest number of passengers and cruise ships. Attracting tourist from all over the Miami is considered the symbolic city with multi cultures. One of the main attractions of Miami is its miles long beaches which fall under the category of family beaches to party beaches.

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Everglades is a very unique treasure of Florida. It’s the largest subtropical jungle in state of Florida. Much of the Everglades Park is protected by the Everglades National Park and it provides shelter to a wide verity of birds. Wide verity of birds can easily be found here and there are some rare species of crocodiles which are only found in this area.

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Orlando is the theme park city which has more theme park than any other city. There is Walt Disney World, Epcot, Universal Studios, and Magic Kingdom which brings millions of visitors in total to Orlando. This city is not hit by Hurricanes which makes it a popular place to stay and for a visit in Florida. One of the most visited city Orlando is also home to University of Central Florida which has the second largest college enrollment in the United States.

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