A trip from Orlando to Miami

A trip from Orlando to Miami trip is most commonly used by the locals and travelers. There are two options for every traveler for every visitor.You can either take I-95 along the East Coast or you can choose I-75 along the West Coast. In this blog you will read about some famous cities which every visitors have to encounter on their trips.

From Orlando to Miami

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There are many beautiful cities and countless mesmerizing places to explore within Florida. Florida is commonly called the holy land for tourist and traveler from all around the world. you can begin your journey from Orlando. The first city which you will encounter form Orlando is Kissimmee. Orlando and Kissimmee are regarded as a front for the theme parks. Tampa is also very famous for its magnificent and fast rides. While Sarasota is most famous for its white sandy white Beaches and many fun places to visit. Then there are also Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte left to explore. Fort Myers is located half way from Orlando to Miami on I-75. There are many wonderful zoo and parks which attract people from all around the globe. Tough theme parks and beaches are coincided most common places to explore but there are many other fun places here to explore and if you ever need a reliable ground transportation which can take yo from one city to the other city then you can contact My Florida Shuttle Bus.


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